Setting Up A Site In Dreamweaver

So you've got dreamweaver loaded on your computer and now what?

The first step is to make sure dreamweaver is setup correctly and that you create a "Web site" on your local computer.

Here's the first video lesson from the actual DreamweaverMadeSimple tutorial series showing you exactly how to do that...

(You may need to pause the video for a few seconds if it appears jumpy to allow it to 'pre load')

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Now remember, the "Complete Beginners Guide to Dreamweaver" Video Course is just that - a beginners introduction to dreamweaver - it'll help you get started, BUT if you're after the FULL MONTY (in other words - if you want to discover everything you need to know to build your website from start to finish using dreamweaver) you'll want to check out the FULL DreamweaverMadeSimple tutorial...

Here's what you'll KNOW and be able to DO once you finish the FULL DreamweaverMadeSimple Tutorial

Module 1. Getting started with dreamweaver CS3

5 Interactive Video Lessons

  • Setup Dreamweaver before you get started
  • Know the step by step process that will make bulding your website as easy as making a cup of coffee.
  • Exactly what you need to do BEFORE you start building your website in Dreamweaver
  • How to prepare and setup all the sample practise files you'll be using to build your "practise" website.
  • How to create your first page
  • What name you MUST give to your "home page" (get this wrong and you're website won't even work!)

Module 2. How to Layout your first page

7 Interactive Video Lessons

  • The fastest and simplest way to layout your web page
  • How to quickly and easily add text to your page
  • Simple formatting steps to create great looking pages
  • How to create links to other pages
  • How to add great background graphics that you can add text over
  • Add professional looking navigation bars with grahpic buttons
  • Include easy to use forms on your web pages

Module 3. Create a multipage site using templates

2 Interactive Video Lessons

  • Save 100's of hours building your website by using templates
  • How to create a template in literally seconds
  • How to create a new page from a template

Module 4. Advanced styling with CSS

2 Interactive Video Lessons

  • Quickly and easily change the font style across your whole website
  • How to properly setup you site so updating styles is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Keep all your website styles in one single file (makes updating your site a cinch)

Module 5. Utilities in Dreamweaver

2 Interactive Video Lessons

  • The difference between code view and design view (and how to use them)
  • Using the spell checker to get your spelling up to scratch
  • Use find and replace to replace, text, images, html code in seconds
  • How to check all your page links to make sure you site actually works!

Module 6. Uploading your website

1 Interactive Video Lessons

  • How to get your site live on the internet for others to see
  • Uploading your site to your web hosting provider

Module 7. Quick reference guide and advanced topics

8 Interactive Video Lessons

  • Simple keyboard short cuts to speed up the web design process
  • Understand 'ALT' tags and know when and how to use them
  • How to link to sections within the same page
  • Insert graphics into the middle of a sentence
  • Change page properties like background color, default font style and more
  • Change the default link colors and style
  • Create cool looking 'rollover' effects (that's when an image changes when your visitor rolls his mouse over it)
  • Create your page layout by tracing an existing image

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